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Knee Pain Treatment in Ashby

Start Living Knee Pain Free

Common Causes of Knee Pain


Wear and Tear from Life and Age





Awkward Movements, Feeling something pop or "go"

Traumatic Events, Accidents

Weak Muscles and Support of the Knee

Sporting Injuries or Strains

Knee Pain Explained

Knee pain can significantly impact your mobility, stemming from a combination of factors involving muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

The range of knee pain can vary from a minor annoyance, such as a clicking sensation that comes and goes, to severe pain that can impede your ability to walk.

While some knee problems may resolve naturally with time, rest, or specific exercises, more often than not, these issues persist, leading to feelings of stiffness, persistent pain, or vulnerability that hinder your return to normal activities. During such instances, seeking professional evaluation and treatment becomes highly beneficial.

Unfortunately, if left untreated, these knee pains can transition from easily manageable short-term problems to chronic, long-term issues. Understandably, many individuals prefer to avoid relying on painkillers or contemplating surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to select a treatment approach that is not only safe but also backed by a substantial track record of success worldwide.

Common Causes of Knee Pain
While we have already discussed some common causes like trauma and wear and tear, let's delve deeper into specific knee conditions for which our care offers a non-surgical and safe solution:

Cartilage Trouble:
Knees contain floating cartilage rings inside them that can become damaged or displaced. Since these cartilages are connected to nearby tissues, we can manipulate them to restore balance in the knee, often leading to improved mobility.

Ligament Strain:
Ligament strains often result from accidents and require support, proper circulation, and the overall well-being of your body for quick recovery. We can diagnose the exact strain and provide expert treatment and exercises if necessary.

Knee problems can occur when the balance of the back or hips is disrupted, leading to uneven wear on the knee. The good news is that when the entire system is properly balanced, the knee has the best chance of repair and recovery.

This condition can be frustrating and is caused by abnormal strain around the knee due to imbalanced muscles and ligaments. our treatment can help restore balance and relaxation in these structures, facilitating a faster road to recovery.

In conclusion, knee pain can result from various factors and significantly affect your daily life. Seeking professional help is essential to address the underlying causes and relieve your discomfort, ultimately enhancing your quality of life and mobility. Taking proactive steps in choosing safe and effective treatments can reduce the need for strong pain medications or invasive surgeries.

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