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Balance and Harmony

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has existed for over 4000 years and is a comprehensive medical system with its own principles, diagnostic methods and therapies.

Central to TCM is the belief that our health is dependent on the body's motivating energy - known as Qi - flowing in a smooth and balanced way through your body in a series of meridians (channels) beneath the skin. The flow of Qi can be disturbed and blocked by many factors, physical, mental and emotional.

The aim of TCM Therapy is to regulate the meridians of the body and unblock the flow of Qi, as it is believed that disease is caused by stagnation within the body.

The use of Acupuncture is fundamental to TCM therapy. It involves the insertion of very fine sterilized needles, into the body surface at specific points that is left in place for about twenty to thirty minutes to stimulate the  flow of Qi and promote the body's own healing response and help to restore its natural balance.

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Chinese herbal therapy are an integral part of TCM. TCM prescriptions are different from European herbal medicines as they are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Each herb has healing properties which are used to regulate the body’s Qi, and ultimately achieve a balance in the human body. The therapy involves the tailored prescription of the right herbs to return you to a healthy state.

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Cupping therapy is one of the specialist treatments provided at Dr.Jin TCM. As an ancient and established form of therapy, it uses the suction from the cup to promote blood circulation, boosting the body's metabolism, and helping the body expel toxins. This has the beneficial effects of reducing pain and inflammation, speeding up your recovery process.

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Through a combination of these modes of therapy, TCM takes a holistic approach to medicine, providing treatment for the whole body rather than just the symptoms

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