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Neck Pain Treatment in Ashby

Free Yourself from Neck Pain

Common Causes Of Neck Pain


Trauma to the Neck, Accidents Leading to Whiplash





Screen Based Work and Ergonomic Issues

Sporting Injuries, Overuse or Underuse

General Wear and Tear Leading to Reduced Mobility and Pain

Stress and Tension

Neck Pain Explained

Neck pain has become increasingly prevalent in the UK as we spend extended hours in front of screens or peering at phones in awkward positions.

The spectrum of neck pain ranges from intermittent discomfort to severe strain, where every movement of the head becomes excruciating.

While some cases may improve with rest, many persist, causing stiffness, pain, and hindering daily activities. Seeking professional assessment and treatment becomes pivotal at this stage.

Left unaddressed, these discomforts can evolve from easily managed issues to chronic, more challenging problems. The reliance on pain medications or contemplation of surgery can be daunting. Opting for a safe, effective, and globally validated treatment is imperative. We advocate for a structured treatment regimen before considering long-term medication or surgical options. Research supports that nearly 90% of individuals experience significant improvement after just six treatment sessions.

Understanding the Root Causes of Neck Pain
While commonly known causes like whiplash and stress contribute to neck pain, a deeper exploration reveals the intricacies of these issues.

Ricked Neck
Also referred to as wry neck or locked neck, this condition arises when small structures within the neck joints become displaced, resulting in stiffness and pain, even affecting children.

Joint Strain
The neck comprises numerous small joints and discs, susceptible to strain akin to a sprained ankle. Prompt treatment and appropriate guidance expedite recovery, facilitating a return to regular activities.

Due to aging or prior neck injuries, joints and muscles may exhibit signs of wear and tear. Our approach involves meticulous, gradual treatment to effectively counter the effects of time, aiming for complete restoration.

Nerve Entrapment
Nerves exiting the neck might become entrapped, causing sensations or affecting arm movements. Although distressing, this issue often responds well to treatment focused on realigning neck structures and reducing associated swelling.

In essence, addressing these underlying causes through targeted, professional care not only alleviates immediate discomfort but also fosters sustainable recovery, ensuring a return to a pain-free lifestyle.

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