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Posture Correction Treatment in Ashby

Unlock the Benefits of Good Posture Today

Common Causes of Poor Posture


Work Related Adaptations





Long Hours of Desk Based Work

Weakness in Postural Muscles due to Lack of Exercise

Pain that makes it Difficult to Maintain Good Posture

Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Health Challenges

Poor Posture Explained

Life is a continuous battle against the relentless force of gravity, which constantly pulls us downward. At times, we find ourselves struggling to rise and combat this force, and as a consequence, we may develop poor posture, including rounded shoulders and stooped postures. This tendency to sag, though subtle, can even manifest in children.

While some posture problems may naturally improve over time or with specific exercises, more often than not, these issues do not resolve completely and may gradually worsen.

However, here's the encouraging news!

Just as posture can deteriorate, it can also be enhanced. Through proper analysis, treatment, and guidance, the vast majority of postural problems can be ameliorated. While exercises alone may not suffice, a combination of treatment, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments paves the way for tangible improvement. The process involves steadily moving towards better posture, making it not just a possibility but a logical outcome.

Common Causes of Poor Posture
While we have already touched upon common causes like strain, let's delve deeper into how our care offers a safe solution for specific posture-related issues:

Rounded Shoulders:
Gradual forward curling of the shoulders is a common issue, often linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Our care can help address this concern.

Scoliosis entails the twisting of the spine under strain, resulting in an uneven curvature. Our care can assist in finding ways to rectify and manage this condition.

Kyphosis involves the forward bending of the mid-back, necessitating compensation from the neck, leading to stiffness and potential height loss. Osteopathic treatment can help alleviate discomfort and enhance posture.

In conclusion, poor posture can be a persistent issue that affects our daily lives. Seeking professional help is essential to address these concerns and improve posture. We provide a safe and effective solution, facilitating a gradual shift towards better posture, ultimately enhancing your well-being and quality of life.

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