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Arrhythmias: Acupuncture Treatment

Arrhythmias encompass a wide variety of types, each with differing causes. Generally, acupuncture is more effective for supraventricular tachycardias and can also be beneficial for ventricular or atrial premature contractions caused by coronary heart disease. However, its effectiveness is less pronounced for atrial fibrillation and conduction blockages.

The mechanism of acupuncture in treating arrhythmias is generally believed to involve the inhibition of sympathetic nerve activity or the enhancement of vagal nerve tension.

In the treatment of arrhythmias, stimulating ear acupoints or auricular reflex points has been found to be particularly effective. This effectiveness might be attributed to the distribution of the vagus nerve on the auricle, allowing direct stimulation of its fibers. For treating supraventricular tachycardias, in addition to needling ear points like Heart, Shenmen, and Sympathetic, needling or pressing the Zanzhu point near the eyes can mimic the inhibitory effect of pressing the supraorbital foramen.

These acupuncture techniques for arrhythmias focus on modulating the autonomic nervous system, targeting specific points that influence heart rate and rhythm. This approach offers a complementary alternative to conventional treatments, especially for patients seeking non-pharmacological options.


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