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Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer: Acupuncture Treatment

In the treatment of prostatitis, especially prostate cancer, the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine methods, including acupuncture, is gaining attention. Acupuncture can be effective in treating prostatitis, alleviating symptoms like urination discomfort and local swelling or pain. For prostate cancer, acupuncture is currently used as an adjunct therapy to alleviate adverse reactions following radiation therapy or surgery.

The treatment areas for prostate disorders include not only distant points on the inner side of the lower limbs and the lumbosacral region but also nearby areas around the perineum or anus. Therefore, to enhance therapeutic efficacy, it's important to focus on finding and stimulating acupoints in these areas when treating these diseases. Changqiang (GV1) is a primary point in this region, effective in treating sensations of heaviness in the perineum. Patients may also experience muscle tension or pain on the anterior lateral side of the thigh, which could be due to swollen prostate glands stimulating branches of the sacral or femoral nerves in the pelvic cavity. This could also be a result of radiation therapy damaging local or peripheral somatic nerves in the prostate area.

Acupuncture offers a non-invasive option for managing symptoms associated with prostatitis and can be a supportive treatment in the holistic management of prostate cancer. It focuses on relieving discomfort and improving quality of life, particularly in alleviating the side effects of conventional prostate cancer treatments.



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